Basic eMailer Service

Basic eMailer Service

4,500.00 + GST

• MTA: Dedicated Postfix Server
• Free: rDNS, DKIM, SPF
• Mailing Software App: Included
• Max emails per month: 50000 (1500 per day)
• Max email recipients: Unlimited
• Email Templates: Ready Built-in
• Campaign / Click Statistics: Built-in
• Monthly Fee: Contact for custom services

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Our direct mail services provide an outstanding way for your business to proficiently communicate with your customers and email subscribers. We also offer features like consistent delivery, scalability and real-time analytic e.g. opens, bounces, link tracking, unsubscribe and spam reports etc. The main aim of our brand is to help your business in reaching the maximum number of prospective customers in quickest possible time and in minimum price.

Signup for sending mass mails with standard unsubscribe and double opt-in options. A specialized professional service app for sending / managing / analysing email marketing campaigns, separate from web and mail servers.